Friday, January 29, 2010

Soccer baby on the way...

This Sunday, my family is getting together for a baby shower.  My niece, Emily, is expecting a boy sometime in early March.  My birthday is March 5th, so I've told Emily that if she starts labor before the 5th, she must keep her legs together so her new son will be born on my birthday!  Now, we all know this isn't going to happen because my sister (Emily's mother) tried to tell me to do the same when my son was born.  Her birthday is Feb 13th and Mike was born on Feb 11th.  But, you know fair is fair and now Emily (gosh I hope she doesn't take that seriously) has to bear the family joke.  

Good little quilter that I am....I made her a baby quilt.   The father is into soccer big time, so I went a little overboard on the soccer theme.   Here's her quilt:
It's  a simple pattern...bright, and colorful.   Hope Emily likes it....and if she doesn't...well it might make a good blanket to bring to those soccer games in five years or so....and there's always the gift certificate that goes with it to help curb the cost of diapers.   

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