Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gotta get to that guild challenge...

I guess I'd better get sewing.  Our Friendship Star Guild challenge this year is titled "Diamonds are a girls best friend".   It's due March 1 if I want to have it considered as one of 8 quilts that may go to the Knoxville AQS show this year (that is if all 8 are good enough to be accepted by AQS)...a little later if I just want it in our yearly show in April.  The rules of this challenge are: (1) black background (2) must have at least 10 diamonds. 

It may still be a little hard to discern but the left side of the picture consists of some khaki shorts, two knees, two blue and white argyle socks, and a pair of tennis shoes.   To make sure there were at least 10 diamonds, I started by sewing diamonds on the background in copper metallic thread.  There's also a hand with a dog bisquit at the top.   Some feedback I received suggested I make the hand and biscuit bigger and maybe oversized, perhaps add some real shoe laces, and I've got a dog tag that'll hang from Misty's collar that says "Spoiled".  My name for the piece will be, "Say Please".  This is the phrase my son taught her to start her begging routine. 
All it needs now is a boat load of satin stitching, a little thread painting and/or shadowing with paint sticks, and a ton of quilting.  Regardless of the outcome, my husband and son have already laid claim to their Misty quilt.  I'm getting psyched up just thinking about stitching and embellishing this one.

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  1. Wow Linda, I love it. This will be a great challenge piece.