Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to Disneyworld with two 16-year-old boys...

Here are a few quilts I'll be dropping off at our service project workshop on Thursday.

The left column has a hot balloon cheater panel made into a Linus quilt, 2 Linus quilts made from UFOs donated to our guild, and a bunch of preemie quits. The right column has three fat quarter Linus tops made with fabric donated by Liz B.

...then it's off to Disneyworld. My son, his friend and I will be avoiding blisters, afternoon thunderstorms, and sunburns to be entertained by Mickey Mouse. We haven't been there since my son was 7 years old, so this will be an interesting trip. I'm getting too old for those rollercoasters and I've been to theme parks with teenagers I'm prepared to enjoy myself watching every show and generally enjoying the parks. The miracle of cell phones will allow them to ride themselves silly while I do my own thing. My only goal will be to take one picture of my son (preferably with his new braces showing :-) and his friend . Hubby is staying home (that lucky guy) with the dog.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Lancaster Always Gets Me

After I got it all together and laid it out, it is a lot of fabric! Who can resist Hoffman batiks at $6 a yard? Obviously, not me! :-) For just a little excuse, I've already started designing (roughly) my guild challenge which is not due until March. The theme is "Diamonds are a girls best friend" and the quilt must have a black background and at least 10 diamonds showing on the quilt. Just a little peek at the dog, Misty, will be in it. Hence, I bought a lot of reddish browns in Lancaster. Here's Misty in her favorite pose:

My quilting guild, Friendship Star Quilters, in Gaithersburg, MD kicked off a new quilting year on August 3rd. I brought the following charity quilts to that meeting:

On the left side are a bunch of preemies, and two linus quilts. The sunny yellow quilt and one more like it were donated to the guild by Kathy F. The three quilt tops on the right were made with fabric donated by Liz B.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Hershey Quilt Odyssey: Exquisite

What a wonderful weekend for an outing! My friends, Chris and Diane, and I drove to Hershey, Pennsyvania this weekend for Quilt Odyssey 2009.

We met a bunch of fellow guild members for lunch at the Hershey Grill and had some very sinful desserts....Creme Brulee and Reeses Peanut Butter Pie (Wow!)

The quilts were so exquisite at the show (aren't they always exquisite here?) that I had to go back and look at the quilts twice. Here's a sampling of a few of my favorites:

No trip to Pennsyvania would be complete without a visit to Lancaster's quilt shops. We spent the night there and shopped all the next day. I guess I'm going to have to get busy making some more quilts because I bought enough fabric for several quilters. Don't we all?