Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Off to Disneyworld with two 16-year-old boys...

Here are a few quilts I'll be dropping off at our service project workshop on Thursday.

The left column has a hot balloon cheater panel made into a Linus quilt, 2 Linus quilts made from UFOs donated to our guild, and a bunch of preemie quits. The right column has three fat quarter Linus tops made with fabric donated by Liz B.

...then it's off to Disneyworld. My son, his friend and I will be avoiding blisters, afternoon thunderstorms, and sunburns to be entertained by Mickey Mouse. We haven't been there since my son was 7 years old, so this will be an interesting trip. I'm getting too old for those rollercoasters and I've been to theme parks with teenagers I'm prepared to enjoy myself watching every show and generally enjoying the parks. The miracle of cell phones will allow them to ride themselves silly while I do my own thing. My only goal will be to take one picture of my son (preferably with his new braces showing :-) and his friend . Hubby is staying home (that lucky guy) with the dog.

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  1. I think since the teenagers are boys, your hubby should be taking them to Disneyland, Linda! Why didn't you think of that? Then you and Misty could enjoy being together and relaxing and sewing??? Why didn't you ask me first what I thought? Hee Hee Oh you will have fun anyways! Safe travels!