Friday, June 8, 2012

Powerful Worldly Connections

Okay, so the title should have been WOOOHOOO! But there's a story behind this one.  I received a package in the mail two days ago:
Seven lucious fat quarters from SpringWater Designs.   It turns out that I won her Memorial Day giveaway and until the fabrics arrived I had forgotten all about it.  

For the past three days, I've been sick.....temperature over 100....body aches and pains....headache that wouldn't go away.  I was so sick, my quilting cave sent me a reminder that I haven't visited it since Sunday.  My doctor fit me in his schedule yesterday...and he believes that I might have chronic lyme's disease.   So, I took my first of 42 pills last night....and this morning my temperature is below 100 and the headache is gone.  I still have to go do the lyme's disease test to confirm the diagnosis...and no, I don't remember any tick on me and no, I didn't get the bull's eye rash. 

So, Dawn of Spring Water Designs....those fat quarters sat on the coffee table and were the only connection I had to quilting....the only ray of hope that I'd get beyond what I thought was the flu...and get back to my quilting cave.  In a more lucid moment yesterday, I took a look at the envelope.  It turns out that Dawn lives on the street I lived on a little over twenty years ago.  Now if you're like me, the theme to the twilight zone is playing in your head now.  But, isn't this proof that we are all connected in some cosmic way?