Wednesday, January 13, 2010

One more minute of daylight a day... least that's what I keep telling myself that to beat winter hybernation.  After Christmas, I went into panic mode...worried about guild challenges (3 of them) due by March, getting the house back in order after the Christmas stampede, and moving my Mom by January 31st.   Notice what's first on my worry list?  I try to be a half full type of person, so I'm delighted that I've designed and glued fabric on one of the first challenges.   The Christmas stuff is all boxed and may stay that way for a long long time thanks to my niece volunteering to take over the Christmas stampede next year.   And, moving Mom in 15 degree weather...priceless!   At least I can use my sewing as therapy to get me through it.  So far, I've completed a few quilts for our service project workshops....2 Quilt As You Go Linus quilts, 2 tops, and a bunch of preemie blankets:

I'm not ready to share my challenge progresses here yet.   But, I finally got to my first meeting of the Metrothreads group and was able to get some welcome feedback from a group of local quilt artists.  In fact, if there is any tiny bit of fame in this vast internet blogging world, I got mentioned in another quilt blog: Check out Zebrapatterns weblog.   It is such a joy to create! 

I received one of those little notebooks from my hubby for Christmas and haven't transferred all my blogs over to it yet.  He thought it would be a good idea for me to keep up with my favorite blogs by following them while I'm watching TV at night.  It was a great idea because I'm finally able to keep up with all the blogs I like on a regular basis.   So, if you're following my blog regularly, please leave a comment on what's going on in your world, so I can be sure to keep up with your creative endeavors.

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