Friday, January 15, 2010

A rare look inside my quilt cave....

I've seen so many of you organizing your quilt rooms since the new year that I felt I had to do something to mine.   So, I started with the stash:

Doesn't it look wonderful? 
Before I show you the rest of my quilt cave, I thought I'd warn you....organizing your stash sometimes results in a bigger mess elsewhere.  

I just love the shiny silver walls and wood rafters to hang stuff from.  All of you quilters that have quilt caves understand my love of hybernating here....well, and it being the only large part of the house I could comandeer.  Here's a look at my ironing table:

with a couple of preemie quilts hanging from a laundry hanger.   And no look at my quilt cave would be complete without a view of my design wall:

There it is, my $5 Wal-mart tablecloth that was attached to a drainage pipe with duck tape.   I know it's falling down, but it's my design wall.   OK, so my resolution this year is to tape it back up.  Seriously, all is well with the world now that my stash is organized.  Anyone who wants to come over now and help me organize the rest of my cave....go away....I'm sewing....I mean hibernating.


  1. Bravo!!! I envy you all the room.

  2. I would call it your Creative Cave. And it looks bat free. Keep on quiltin'.

  3. In my house, organization ALWAYS makes the house look worse before it gets better.

  4. Glad to see someone else has semi organised chaos in their studio too!

  5. OK, you made my laugh this early in the morning. Thank you for sharing your cave with us. I love that it is not tidy--it shows that you are actively working on your fiber art rather than cleaning. I like that.