Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Zentangle Fun!

I had the opportunity to take a Zentangle and Zen Quilting class recently.   What a lot of fun!   Of course, anyone who knows me knows that I am a doodler.   So, it's no surprise that this class spoke to me.  Pat Ferguson taught the two-day workshop.   The first day was learning how to doodle, Zentangle style.   Here's what I ended up with:

It's not exactly my style of doodle, but it was fun and satisfying.  Now on to quilting Zentangle style:
Does it look at least a little like a four-leaf clover? first one of the season!   Here's where the price of the class was worth every penny.   I've been trying to do this on my own with my sewing machine and colored thread... always running into difficulty representing heavy colored lines or designs with lots of stops and starts.  I began doodling only doodles that I thought I could quilt. That hampered my doodling creativity.  In this piece, I quilted the basic sections, then used archival ink pens to doodle on the fabric.  When I was finished doodling, I took a dry iron and heat-set the color, washed the quilt, and used a pencil to add shading.  The final result?   A whole new realm of quilting possibilities!   Woohoo!

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