Monday, May 21, 2012

Doing the Wasilowski

Recently my guild offered a two-day class from Laura Wasilowski.   Yes!  I'm now a member of the Chicago School of Fusing.   I still sometimes murder my glue, but I enjoyed the class and lecture immensely.

First, we were given two pieces of hand-dyed material and asked to create a garden using nothing but our scissors, wonder under, and an iron.   Here's my attempt:

I'm not pleased with the huge pansies in the right hand corner but love the hand-dyed fabric and the four-leaf clover I added to the clover patch at the bottom.  We were given variegated threads with which to embellish the piece.   I relearned how to do some french knots and started outlining the bleeding heart branch.

The next day, we were instructed to take the left over pieces of the garden projects and make collages by cutting and layering fabric.  Eventually, the pieces I was playing with began to look like my dog.  So, I cut her out of the collages, and glued her to another piece of fabric.   Here's Misty:

Ok, so I haven't really touched these pieces since the fact, they've been relegated to my UFO (for the non-quilters UFO = UnFinished Object) file for a while....that is until I figure out what I want to do next.  Any ideas?

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