Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sometimes serendipity steps in...

When you work long and hard on a challenge it becomes a part of you.   Right now, I'm feeling that whoosh know, that sigh of relief when your creativity actually becomes a thing.  
This quilt is special because Misty--our dog log, our weiner dog, our dachshund--is a part of our family.   But, the finished quilt doesn't qualify for my guild's challenge.   Yes, it has at least 10 diamonds.   Yes, it has a black background.   No, it's not between 35-40 inches per side....closer to 28-33 inches per side.  Oopsie!  So sad, too bad!  

Actually, it's not bad at all.   Now I can just put it in the regular part of the show and start working on other more interesting challenges. 


  1. But you CAN enter it in the challenge category. If the size is not right, that is ok. Just won't be eligible for the AQS judging.

  2. I know I want to see this cutie in person next month in the show...are you gonna? Just so everyone can see Misty? Please? - Charleen

  3. Either way, it's a great piece Linda and I admire that you have such a positive attitude toward it all.