Friday, February 12, 2010

Five months and a blizzard to completion...

Have you ever had a quilt nagging you for months thinking it might become a UFO if you don't take some action?  I love putting letters on my quilts but hate satin stitching them.  I designed this one in October.  The blizzard made me finish it.
Here's the design from October:

The quilt will be donated to the high school on March 1st to auction off for their Grand Celebration fund raising event.  At my last guild meeting, our speaker asked the question:  What's the difference between an art quilt and a regular quilt?  Regular quilters know when their quilt is finished.  I should probably work on the Madonna some more to make her more realistic.  I'm just not advanced enough in my skills to figure that out.  Oh well...onto other March 1st deadlines.  Happy Quilting!


  1. This art quilt really looks good. I recall when you were working on the beginnings of this at one of our Sit-and-Sews, or was it one of the guild memory is not that reliable but I do remember seeing it when it was just in the early stages. It's really nice to see it in the completed phase. It's again a "wow" quilt of yours.

  2. Linda,
    It is wonderful! Remember....worth....very high!
    I am working auction again and I will keep an eye on it.