Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow and a birthday present for Brooke...

Lots of birthdays in February...My grand-niece, Brooke, turns 2 on February 9th.  My son, Mike, turns 17 on February 11th.  My sister, Arlene, turns 56 on February 13th.  The grand celebration party for all three is on Sunday February 14th.  So part of my time during the Maryland snow-in was spent making a gift for Brooke.
This gadget is for hair bows.  Just hang the 8x10 inch Brooke quilt on the wall and clip those little hair bows all down the ribbons.   All I have left to do is embellish with a few lady bug buttons and wrap it with some tubs of playdough.

We're dug out here in Laytonsville, Maryland.  The snow plows came yesterday afternoon.  Hubby and son attacked our decks and 300 foot driveway with the trusty snowblower.  Here's a picture of our deck rails just before the snow stopped:
and here's one of our back yard this morning:
It's pristine (no coyote, deer, or fox tracks). If you can see the red globe on the left side of the picture...that's sitting on a bird bath pedestal.  With 8 more inches of snow due tomorrow, perhaps that globe will be covered by Wednesday.  Until Spring, I'll just keep sewing.

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