Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Quilting Therapy for a hectic life....

Okay, so Mom went to the hospital for a week in October and dutiful daughter that I am....I spent every day visiting and fetching stuff from her apartment.   She's home now with new meds recovering from her stay in what she thought should have been a four-star hotel...but alas was just a hospital room.

Charity quilts completed this month included 4 quilt tops with fabric donated by Liz (left column), 2 cheater panels quilted and bound, 2 quilts made from donated blocks, and a bunch of preemie blankets with fabrics donated by Kathy.  This bunch of charity quilts completes the use of fabrics donated by Liz a few months ago.
I wanted to call attention to this charity quilt.  The blocks were donated by Diane Heller, who obtained them by participating in an Internet block exchange in 1995.   All of the blocks were signed.   Here are some of the contributors: Marilee Sherwood, Jessica Drennan (Ithica, NY), Pat Newbon (Pagelcyn, CA), Sue Trandt, Colleen Gaskin, Sari Goldbaum, Karen Kutzner, Miriam Siebenthall (San Jose, CA), Lynne Capehart, Cathy Slater (Little Rock, AR), L. Obetra (Chicago, IL), and of course Diane from Wheaton, MD.  It really is a small world, isn't it?
On a final note....Imagine my surprise when my senses woke up last week and I discovered that Fall had arrived in our neighborhood. I just love the crispness of the air.


  1. What a beautiful picture of fall in your area! I love the fall colors and I take pics but they never do the trees and colors justice. Fun anyway! Glad your mom is doing well! You are a great daughter to take such good care of her! What a lot of beautiful quilts and a lot of really giving people!!

  2. I love fall, too! I'm impressed with all your quilts!

  3. You've done so much here. Wonderful! My sympathies about your mother. I can identify with that.