Friday, October 2, 2009

The lull before a new project

This is a quilt I completed last year for an auction at my son's high school. I learned a lot from this quilt....okay so I paper-pieced the building and then had to sew all over it to make it look right...big mistake. I understand it was a big hit at their Grand Celebration event. There's another grand celebration this year and I've got until March to complete it. Yesterday, I designed the new quilt:

Today, I'm going to the Sewing Expo near Dulles Airport in Virginia with my friend Chris. I'll be looking for some of the fabrics for this piece. I received permission from the school to use this photo, that was taken by staff members for some of their publications. I hope to incorporate some of the thread painting I learned on my last project to create the "grey" gradations in the statue.
There's a giveaway on the Quilts etc. blog. Why not check it out?


  1. Wow, you take on quite the projects! Beautiful! I bet folks seeing it were amazed! Very ambitious lady!!!

  2. Linda....Barb in American Samoa asked me to go on her blog and get her mailing address to all who asked for it (so pillowcases and kids' clothing may be sent to her). You don't have an email address connected with your blog, but I see you expressed an interest in sending something. Please email me at and I'll reply with the mailing information you need. Barb is very appreciative.