Monday, May 11, 2009

Cloth Creativity

Here I am, a year into retirement ... worried like everyone else whether I can afford to remain retired ... but believing in an optimistic future. The purpose of this blog is to document my quilting journey. Here are a few of my recent quilts.

This quilt is named Florida: Gateway to Space. It was completed in response to a guild challenge to represent a state and use the colors red, white, and blue. I based the design on my guild's 2009 raffle quilt. A mini group named Loose Lillies designed the border. The Florida patchwork was constructed by taking a picture of the raffle quilt and printing blocks which were assembled and cut out in the shape of Florida. The images of Florida from space and the space shuttle were obtained from
The quilt to the left is my sister's wedding quilt. She married a Montgomery so I duplicated the clan's seal. The wedding invitation is in the lower two corners and the thistle symbol on the invitation is in the upper two corners.
For a little levity, I put my sister's picture on the face of the lady and her husband's picture on the head she's holding. The quilt was a hit at the wedding.
That's it for my first blog.

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  1. How unique your quilts are! First blog? Wow! Hey, retirement is the best! Best time of life! No worries....well if you concentrate not to have them....they'll go away....and you can just think about making coffee, reading, relaxing, and QUILTING! Have fun!