Friday, May 29, 2009

Cats, horses, and patriotic fun

This charity quilt is simply constructed from alternating strips of cat fabric (black and white) and some rich blue patterns. I sandwiched the black strip in the middle and used one of those fancy stitches on my sewing machine to secure the layers. I pinned the next two strips to the top of the sandwich and two backing strips to the back of the sandwich and sewed them on. Next, I added a batting strip between the back and front and used the fancy stitch to secure. Repeat four more times and a charity quilt was born!

What rich colors for the horses! I must admit that I would never have used these colors together in a quilt of my own, but they go together great! Some child is going to cherish this charity quilt made out of donated horse fabric strips.

A donated UFO (the center block including the green strip) was the foundation for this charity quilt. I added a border and practiced quilting circles in the blue strips!

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