Saturday, July 7, 2012

Enjoying My Projects

My house is one of those houses that doesn't have curb appeal.  We moved into it 19 years ago when it was a new home and quickly became best friends with the local nursery.   A blue spruce, a cherry tree, and a river birch block a view of our house from the street.  Some say this denies our house curb appeal.  I'm thankful for the shade.   Our front door is recessed into a little alcove.  When I first moved here, like many new home owners, I wanted to decorate the front I purchased a wreath and hung it.  It looked grand until some birds decided it was a wonderful place to build a nest. 

Back in 2006, I purchased 365 Foundation Quilt Blocks by Linda Causee.  I was really into paper piecing at the time and made my first quilt in October.  I tried adding magnets to the quilt so I could display it on our metal door....but strong winds just blew it all over the yard.  So, I purchased a magnetic curtain hanger.  This worked much better but sometimes it would remain on the door without a quilt because I couldn't bring myself to make the other 11 months.  My neighbor said to my husband that only Linda was have a curtain hanger on the front door.   That motivated me to make the rest of the month quilts.    Some are whole cloth quilts I purchased, others are applique patterns.  Here's the one's I've completed to date:
I  just finished the July quilt.
They're not perfect and mostly they're made from scraps but they make my ugly brown door come alive.  Every morning I take my dog out for her morning constitutional.  While she's nosing around under the shade trees for the perfect spot, I am just enjoying my "door quilt."  

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