Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Building my Best Log Cabin

It was probably the 5th grade when I last wrote a book report.   And, all I can think of is that, "It was good."   So here I am at age 60 (grade 50?) doing a book report on a virtual book.   I was asked by Eric Woolf, Online Media Coordinator of Fons and Porter to take a look at their free online book titled,
It's a great book, really!   The book addresses the three most popular types of Log Cabin quilt blocks: Traditional, Courthouse Steps, and Chevron.   But, more importantly, the book fills my screen (really big letters that older folks like me can read easily online).   It has lots of very colorful photos that  jump off the screen at you and tempt you to try just one of these blocks.  If you get out your stash and start making one block, I'll betcha you'll be making a lot more.   Log cabins are easy, addictive, and make you feel connected to the bunches of quilters who came before you.  

Now, I know there are a lot of you quilters out there that are computer phobic and the thought of reading an online book might send you hiding in the closet.   But, look at it this can keep it in your virtual library for access at any time without having to scrounge all around the house for the place you last left your book.   And, you only have to print out the pages you need to do the project you want.   It's as easy as "right click", select "Print", and make sure you tell your print menu to only print the current page.
You'll save lots of your expensive ink and won't have to ask your grandchildren to come over quite so often and fix your printer for you.

This book also includes side bars that explain (1) the history of the block and helpful hints, (2)diagrams that show how the quilt blocks are laid out, (3) tables to help you figure out how much fabric is needed and (4) numbered instructions to get you started. Easy, easy, easy! So, get your free book here:

I've got the Chevron block on my to do list.   Chevrons are making a comeback in the design world, so my finished quilt will have tradition and pizzazz.

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